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Greetings Friends, Family and Fellowship.

Updated September 7, 2015

Is this the year? I began my spring, summer update with that question. We are all moving too fast today. Few read any longer, fewer still understand what they read. The world system is showing it's true colors and as Jacob Dylan sang, evil is alive and well.

Well, I m happy to report that those days will come to a close. I may or may not see it in my lifetime but most certainly my grandson may see it. I am sick of the "smoke and mirror" games played by the system. the double talk, elite speak The money talks philosophy.

By way of an update, my life is more different each week. The SRP od "Sunrise Road Project" may be over this Fall. The owner is trying to sell the property. Good luck with that. The Lord has blessed me with a "new" project, West Cedar Street, "WCS". The home was built after the turn of the century circa 1910-1920. The home sits on the top of one of the larger hills in Walsenburg proper. There are many things going on, connected with the property. I hope to spend many, many days in this place. I am really pretty darn excited. Doing my heavy thinking right here.


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Again, Mahalo nui Loa for the visit.

Peace and Blessing to All, Always.

James W. Hudgens

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Keep it Simple.

Working with a few local folks here in Walsenburg on web sites. Learning more each day about becoming a "ranch hand". It is great to be out in the open and really feel the "creation"

My grand son is fantastic, born in December of 2012. He is now 14 months old and just so mild mannered. He did NOT get that from my side of the street. Follow the family on Social Networking for all the fine print.


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